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CLAMPkink anon meme!!!

Welcome to the meme! Please follow these guidelines for posting.

1) Keep non-anonymous comments to a minimum, since this is an anonymous meme.
2) No wank. You will be given three warnings before you are banned.
3) Seconding and thirding is fun and all, but DON'T GO PAST THIRDING. You will be warned and possibly banned.
4) Requesting is good and everything, but please find the time to fill some other anon's request. :)

Prompts should include a pairing, threesome, or orgy of characters, and a kink. Includes yaoi, het, or yuri.
Not sure what constitutes a kink? Check out this list of kinks for help- or ideas!

Need to contact a mod? Please visit the catch-all post with any questions, concerns, or anything that needs our direct attention!

Support your fellow fandom members! Make a requester's day by filling a prompt!
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